About us

Around the world companies do their best to refine their assets and hone their competitive advantages. Factors such as technology, strategy, financing and branding are evaluated, while everyone is in agreement that it is the staff who are the company’s most important and distinctive asset.

Judging and stimulating talent has long been an uncertain art. Imagine if you could focus on the critical success factors and get access to scientifically validated tools for evaluation, development and adaptation. What would happen then?


We measure and develop success

Kandidata is an international consultancy specialising in testing, personal assessments, development and training. With the help of quality-assured testing tools, we can measure and develop the abilities and potential of individuals and groups in a way that creates success and profitability for your business. We hold exclusive rights in the Nordic area on some of the world’s most astute work psychology tests in emotional intelligence/EQ and problem management/IQ. Kandidata is owned by Christer Olsson, one of Scandinavia’s most sought-after lecturers focusing on the interaction between the structural and cultural dimensions of organisations.


EQ, what’s that?

Emotional intelligence is by far the single most important success factor in an organisation, both for the individual and for the company. A vast amount of independent research has proven this. Despite this, many companies continue to ignore this factor. We believe that the performance factors that are usually judged – intelligence, education, experience and personality – are not enough. Unlike cognitive intelligence or IQ, emotional intelligence is fundamental to our ability to sharpen our thinking and clarify complex social contexts. This is done by understanding, developing and managing emotions – both our own and those of others. Emotionally intelligent people communicate effectively, build strong relationships and embrace change. And as if that were not enough, emotional intelligence is also something you can train yourself in. We’re not saying that it is always easy, but it is possible. And step one is to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses.


That’s where we can help



  • Qualified and scientifically validated testing tools as a basis for assessments in recruitment and development.


Personal assessments:

  • Customised assessments conducted by an independent party, for example, when a second opinion is required.



  • Customised group and management development programmes as an one-off measure or as an integral part of the organisation’s long-term leadership development strategy. What’s unique about Kandidata is its use of scientifically developed tools and tests, which also means the results are measurable. Perhaps you want to develop the potential of your employees, creating a better dynamic within a group of individuals, or you want to have a better understanding of how to link the organisation’s values with other HR processes.



  • Certify and train you and your staff in how to use our testing tools as a basis for assessments in recruitment or to implement measurable development initiatives, individually or in groups.